Welcome to the Michigan Midget Racing Association. Located at the Oakland County Sportmen's Club in Clarkston, Michigan.

Racing for kids ages 5 to 16.

Want to get your kids on track? Not sure how to go about it? Contact the MMRA Rookie Director, John Grusnick.

Admission is ALWAYS FREE!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit

2014 Champions

Jr Honda Charlie Auld
Sr Honda Joe Morrissey
Lt 160 Conner Zbozien
Jr Animal Charlie Auld
Sr Animal Conner Zbozien
Lt WF Conner Zbozien

Our Best Of 2014!
Female Rookie Allison Auld
Male Rookie Nolan Preis
Female Driver Lauren Zbozien
Male Driver Conner Zbozien
Mom Jen Venezia
Handler Brian Zbozien

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Regional Racing Series

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Check the schedule at our sister track for some GREAT Road Racing!

Awesome activities, food & drinks at our parent club!

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