Welcome to the Michigan Midget Racing Association. Located at the Oakland County Sportmen's Club in Clarkston, Michigan.

Racing for kids ages 5 to 16.

Want to get your kids on track? Not sure how to go about it? Contact the MMRA Rookie Director, John Grusnick.

Admission is ALWAYS FREE!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit

2014 Champions

Jr Honda Charlie Auld
Sr Honda Joe Morrissey
Lt 160 Conner Zbozien
Jr Animal Charlie Auld
Sr Animal Conner Zbozien
Lt WF Conner Zbozien

Our Best Of 2014!
Female Rookie Allison Auld
Male Rookie Nolan Preis
Female Driver Lauren Zbozien
Male Driver Conner Zbozien
Mom Jen Venezia
Handler Brian Zbozien

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Wall of Champions


MMRA Wall of Champions

Jr. Honda

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place 
2014Charlie AuldZack WilhelmLuke Wilhelm
2013Charlie AuldJoe MorrisseyLuke Wilhelm
2012Joe MorrisseyElla WenneshiemerCharlie Auld
2011Michael ClancyConner ZbozienJoe Morrissey
2010 Hayden SpragueMichael ClancyConner Zbozien
2009Logan WenneshiemerHayden SpragueAdam Rowe
2008 Adam RoweKendall MorrisonJacob Staten
2007John Klimowicz IIIJimmy FernsBlake Rowe
2006 Kevin CremonesiCason KonzerRiley Feeney 
2005Megan FernsJohn Klimowicz IIIKevin Cremonesi

Sr. Honda

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2014Joe MorrisseyLance LipasekJJ Venezia 
2013Conner ZbozienMichael FindlayRichard Johnson
2012Doug DibleConner ZbozienRichard Johnson
2011Logan WenneshiemerAdam RoweDoug Dible
2010 Logan WenneshiemerVinnie MillerAdam Rowe
2009Cason KonzerVinnie MillerBlake Rowe
2008 Vinnie MillerKevin CremonesiJimmy Staten
2007Austin FredwallVinnie MillerMax Thompson
2006 Max ThompsonMegan FernsJoshua Staten
2005Trevor BerryKeera AllenJason LaDuke

Hvy. Honda

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2011Matt Maki         Joey HricNoah Gallandt
2010 Jeremy CulverMatt MakiJoey Hric
2009Jeremy CulverNoah GallandtJosh Crane
2008 Jeremy CulverCole MartensMichael Morris
2007Boomer LoganCole MartensDylan Martens
2006 Korey BoutellChelsea WheelerDylan Martens
2005Jammie BoutellNathan VandenplasKris Larson

Lt. 160

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2014Conner ZbozienJoe MorrisseyMichael Findlay
2013Michael ClancyConner ZbozienMichael Findlay
2012Logan WenneshiemerMichael ClancyConner Zbozien
2011Logan WenneshiemerMichael ClancyAdam Rowe
2010 Cason KonzerLogan WenneshiemerVinnie Miller
2009Vinnie MillerKevin CremonesiBlake Rowe
2008 Kyle FeeneyErik JonesKevin Cremonesi
2007Erik JonesTravis SkarviKevin Cremonesi
2006 Max ThompsonTaylor FernsErik Jones
2005Trevor BerryKeera AllenTaylor Ferns

Hvy. 160

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2012Cason KonzerMatt MakiRichard Johnson
2011Cason KonzerMatt MakiRyan Dube
2010 Kevin CremonesiCole LandauBlake Rowe
2009Cole LandauTravis SkarviJeremy Culver
2008 Travis SkarviCole LandauCody Arnold
2007Chris PerryJason LaDukeMax Thompson
2006 Tommy KunzCody HooverKeera Allen
2005Chris PerryTommy KunzCody Hoover

Jr. Animal

Year Champion  2nd Place 3rd Place
2014Charlie AuldPreston AuldZack Wilhelm
2013Joe MorrisseyLuke WilhelmJJ Venezia
2012Ella WennesheimerJoe MorrisseyJJ Venezia

Sr. Animal

Year Champion  2nd Place 3rd Place
2014Conner ZbozienLance LipasekJoe Morrissey
2013Conner ZbozienJenson WalkerOwen Foster

Lt. World Formula

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2014Conner ZbozienMichael FindlayChase Burda
2013Michael ClancyLogan WenneshiemerConner Zbozien
2012Logan WennesheimerAdam RoweMichael Clancy
2011Alex Benovichnonenone
2010 Wil Rabernonenone

Hvy. World Formula

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2012Blake RoweMatt MakiRyan Dube
2011Ryan DubeKevin CremonesiBlake Rowe
2010 Kevin CremonesiJeremy CulverCole Landau

World Formula

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2009Travis SkarviJeremy CulverCole Landau
2008 Travis SkarviErik JonesAustin Fredwall
2007Kenton TaylorTravis SkarviBrandon Mahoney


Jr. Stock

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2013Joe MorrisseyJJ VeneziaCharlie Auld
2012Joe MorrisseyCharlie AuldJJ Venezia
2011Conner ZbozienMichael ClancyBrendan Dube
2010 Michael ClancyJenson WalkerHayden Sprague
2009Logan WennesheimerHayden SpragueAdam Rowe
2008 Adam RoweLogan WennesheimerMichael Clancy
2007Jimmy FernsBlake RoweRiley Feeney
2006 Vinnie MillerBlake RoweJohn Klimowicz III
2005Megan FernsVinnie Millernone

Sr. Stock

Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2007Vinnie MillerLindsey Jonesnone
2006 Megan FernsErik JonesKyle Feeney
2005Taylor FernsJason LaDukeErik Jones


Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2010 Logan Wennesheimernonenone
2007Vinnie MillerKyle FeeneyMegan Ferns


Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2010 Jeremy CulverNoah Gallandtnone


Year Champion 2nd Place3rd Place
2011Kevin CremonesiBlake Rowenone


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